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County Siren information

This is a database on County siren systems from all around the U.S.

Franklin County, Ohio

Franklin county has a lot of diffrent sirens. Their system has mainly Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T's & Whelen sirens.
# of sirens total: 144
Sirens are tested: Every Wednesday at noon (weather permitting)
Signal used for test: Alert (Thunderbolts sound like Attack)
Overall reliability of system: Wonderful. All sirens have battery back except for the Thunderbolts. The battery is used in the Thunderbolts to activate the radio should there be a power problem.
Sirens are used for the following conditions:  Any time there is a Tornado warning. They are also used anytime the NWS says to set the sirens off.

Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T video

Pickaway County, Ohio

Pickaway county has a wide range of diffrent sirens. They have: 1 Sterling Model M, 1 Whelen wps 4004, 7 Federal Signal EOWS* 612's, 1 Darley Model 5 & one unknown siren.
# of sirens total: 11
Sirens are tested: First Wednesday of the month at 1PM
Signal used for Test: Alert & Attack
Overall reliability of system: The only sirens that I have listened to are the Circleville EOWS* 612's They are very well maintained, the only problem I have had was a siren that didnt go off for a test. Other than that they have a wonderful system.
Sirens are used for the following conditions: Tornado warnings. (they might also be used for severe thunderstorm warnings)

Westminster chime sample

EOWS* 612 Full Westminster

EOWS* 612 Half Westminster chime video

EOWS* 612 Alert Attack

Madison county:

Madison county only has 6 sirens but all 6 are diffrent. They have 1 FS 2001, 1 STL-10, 1 Thunderbolt 1000(T?), 1 Thunderbeam, 2 sirens on top of building 1 is a Thunderbolt 1003 and 1 is a Fedelcode Model 5.
# of sirens total: 6
Sirens are tested: Every Thursday at noon (weather permitting)
Signal used for test: ?
Overall reliability of system: ?
Sirens are used for the following conditions: Tornado warnings & Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.

Washington county

Washington county has a bunch of FS 2001's and one Sentry 40v2T
# of sirens total: ?
Sirens are tested: ?
Signal used for test: ?
Overall reliability of system: ?
Sirens are used for the following conditions: Tornado warnings? 2001s are used for chemical releases and the 40v2T is used for fire calls.

Contributed Information:

From JK Vernon
Knox County, Ohio
 - They have 4 Thunderbolt 1000Ts, 2 Thunderbeams, 1 Fedelcode Model 5, 1 Federal Model 2, 1 M-10, and 4 2001s.
 - They have 13 sirens all together.
 - They test on the first and third friday of every month at 12:00pm.
 - They test in alert for about a minute and a half.
 They have a well maintained system but on occasion one of the Thunderbolts will fail to sound for tests. They are really pretty good about testing. They sound for tornado warnings.
Oakland County, Michigan
 - They have Thunderbolt 1000Ts, 2001s, and a few 2T22s.
 - There are a total of 211 sirens in Oakland County with most of them being 2001s.
 - They test on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00pm from February to November.
 - They test for three minutes in alert.
 - They have an incredibly reliable system with almost all sirens with battery back-up and 2-way controls. They sound for tornado warnings within the county

Name: tbolt095

County/state: Shawnee County,KS

Sirens: 64

Siren-types: Thunderbolts,ThunderBeams,STL-10s,2001SRNs,2t22s

Tested: Every Monday (Weather Permeting)

Signal: Alert

Conditions-of-use: Alert Tornado Warnings,Attack Attack

Reliability: i would say about 70% casuse only the 2001SRNs have
battery back-up but they all work fine!


County/state: Aurora Colorado

sirens: About 40, 5 new ones comming soon

siren-types: 5 WPS2804 Around Air Force Base, 20 WPS2805, and 15

tested: First Tuesday of May and November at 11:00am

signal: Wail and Woop

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warnings and Hazardous Materials spills.

Reliability: Very Effective

Additional-comments: Aurora recently stopped using the voice capability
of these sirens do to a slight malfunction.

name: Anthony

County/state: Johnson County, KS

sirens: 124

siren-types: A combination of federal thunderbolts, model 2001's, model 2's and 2T22's.

tested: First Wednesday of each month (Except Dec and Jan)

signal: 1-min steady alert, and 1-min wail alert.
System activated by VHF radio (DTMF and Two tone)

Conditions-of-use: Primarily tornado warnings. They would also be used for a national security attack.

Reliability: Overall they system runs great. A few of the older thunderbolts will get lazy and wont sound sometimes, but they try to keep up on the maintenance of the units. The 2001SRN system works great with no failures noted.

Additional-comments: The county is only responsible for activating and monitoring sirens. Each city owns and maintains it's siren network(s). Overland Park and Lenexa have the capability to activate their own sirens as well.


County/state: Englewood Colorado

sirens: 5 or 6

siren-types: All of the sirens are ACA Allertor's

tested: Not Sure

signal: Allert and Attack

Conditions-of-use: Severe Weather

Reliability: Good


name: ASKconard

County/state: Delaware County, OH

sirens: 13 (Known  Working Sirens)

siren-types: 6 Federal 2001 sirens-City of Delaware only.
1 Whelan WPS 200-BGT&G Fire District, Sunbury
1 Whelan 3016-Westerville (Within Delaware Cty.)
1 Federal Model 5-Radnor Township F.D.
1 Federal Model 5-Berlin Township F.D.
1 Federal Model 5-Village of Ashley F.D.
1 Federal Model 2-Radnor Correctional Facility
1 Federal Model 5-Harlem Township Fire Dept.

tested: Wednesday at Noon in Delaware; Others may be tested on an irregular basis

signal: Alert

Conditions-of-use: Funnel clouds and tornado warnings.

Reliability: Very reliable, but not enough coverage. The county is growing very quickly, but there aren't any sirens in the Polais Mall area or most of the populated southern part of the county.

Additional-comments: The townships need to install more sirens. Recently, the county has shown a preference for using its new "Reverse 911" system for emergencies. But the City of Delaware is looking at adding more sirens to its system.


County/state: Tulsa county,OK(only city of Owasso ,OK)

sirens: 19 sirens

siren-types: There are 3 old 2T22's ,15 new ATI HPSS-32 SoundBlasters, and one out-of-service EOWS* siratone 1212.

tested: Wednesday at any random month

signal: 2T22's aren't used; HPSS-32 SoundBlasters use Westminster Chime Tone

Conditions-of-use: Flood Warning and Tornado warning

Reliability: Very good. The siren sound quality is great.

Additional-comments: The system was good when there were all 16 old sirens(2T22's and EOWS* 1212).The old test was Alert signal.


County/state: Tulsa County,OK(only city of Tulsa)

sirens: 82

siren-types: Whelen 2000-R's, Whelen WPS-2800 series, and Whelen WPS-4000 series or VORTEX-R series.

tested: Weekly Every Wednesday at 12:00 noon

signal: Alert tone

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warning, Flood Warning, Haz-mat alert,and Military Alerts

Reliability: Okay. The system is not voice capable.

Additional-comments: I like the way the sirens look a lot.


County/state: Rogers Co. OK(only city of Claremore,OK)

sirens: Unknown

siren-types: They use new Whelen WPS 4000 series and old Federal Signal Thunderbeam Civil Defense sirens

tested: unknown

signal: Probably alert tone

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warnings.

Reliability: The whelens are probably good,but maybe not the Thunderbeams.



County/state: Lewes, DE (Sussex Co.

sirens: 2

siren-types: 1 FS STH-10, 1 FS Model 5

tested: Every day at Noon

signal: One cycle of attack.

Conditions-of-use: Fire Calls and probably Tornado warnings if we ever had one.

Reliability: So far, it's sounded everytime for testing

Additional-comments: Very old system, but unusually reliable.

County/state: Rehoboth Beach, DE (Sussex Co.)

sirens: 1

siren-types: 1 FS STH-10

tested: Every day at noon

signal: One cycle of attack

Conditions-of-use: Fire Calls, most likely used for Tornado Warnings but we've never had one

Reliability: So far so good


name: Kell Mcclung

County/state: Rogers Ok. Claremore


siren-types: Whelen 4000 series.
was old system of Thunderbeams 1 Thunderbolt and 1 sd-10  The T-bolt and sd-10 still are active.





name: Byron S. Rieckman

County/state: Codington Count South Dakota

sirens: 18 sirens, 13 in city, 8 around lake

siren-types: All are EOWS-612

tested: Spring time on every friday at 12:00



Reliability: VERY RELIABLE

Additional-comments: REPLACES A SD-10 SYSTEM FROM WWII

County/state: Washington Co. ,OK (city of Bartlesville

sirens: unknown(possibly 50)

siren-types: Thunderbolts of every variant,Federal Modulators,SD-10's,and 2t22's

tested: unknown

signal: Alert tone

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warnings

Reliability: All of these siren models are long-lasting and reliable.


name: Marc Schroeder (FirstSiren2T22)

County/state: Harris/Fort Bend/Waller, TEXAS

sirens: 3 (maybe one or two more)

siren-types: The known 3 sirens are all Sentry 40V2Ts. Two yellow and one white.

tested: Every Friday at noon.

signal: Alert for 15 seconds.

Conditions-of-use: Weather warnings.

Reliability: I assume good.

Additional-comments: The City of Katy often slacks on testing. Upon attempt to tape one, not a single sound came out of the siren.
name: Byron S. Rieckman

County/state: Brookings South Dakota

sirens: 12

siren-types: All 2001 DC

tested: 1st Tuesday of the month Aux Thurs

signal: Alert

Conditions-of-use: 3 Minutes of Alert Mode

Reliability: Very Reliable

Additional-comments: This System was installed in 1999 replaced old System which comprised of 3 Federal Signal Thunderbolts 1003
name: tboltboy

County/state: Jefferson County, KS

sirens: 15

siren-types: 9 banshees, 5 Model 2's, 1 Model 5

tested: First Monday of the Month at Noon

signal: Alert

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warnings, Fire(for Some Cities), Flood (for some Cities)

Reliability: 50-50 they are all outdated but work no batteryback up

Additional-comments: Jefferson County has a Nice System

Brookings 2001 Close up

Brookings long distance recording


County/state: United States,Iowa

sirens: 12

siren-types: 3 2T22's,4 Model 5's,5 Thunderbolt 3000's

tested: First Wesnesday at 10:00am

signal: Alert,then Attack

Conditions-of-use: Tornado Warnings

Reliability: Good

name: Vincent

County/state: Cape May County, NJ

sirens: 7

siren-types: All sirens are SiraTone 1212's

tested: No Clue

signal: Full Westminster Chimes

Conditions-of-use: Tsunamies

Reliability: Very Good

name: Vincent

County/state: MAdison County, WI

sirens: 10

siren-types: 4 Thunderbolt 1000T's, 1 ACA Allertor, 1 ACA Banshee, 1 Model 2, 1 Model 5, 1 SiraTone 612, 1 SiraTone 1212, 2 SD-10's, & 1 3T22

tested: Once a month @ 12:00

signal: 3-Minute Alert

Conditions-of-use: Tornadoes and Weather

Reliability: good

name: Vince

County/state: Cumberland County, NJ

sirens: 7

siren-types: 2 Sentry 5V's, 2 unkwowns, 2 Model 5's, and a Sterling M

tested: ?????????

signal: Growl

Conditions-of-use: Fires

Reliability: Awesome

name: Vincent

County/state: Lancaster County, PA

sirens: 7

siren-types: 1 STL-10, 1 unkwown, 1 box shaped STerling M, 2 ACA CYclones, and 2 ACA Penetrator 20's

tested: ????????

signal: Growl

Conditions-of-use: Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

Reliability: Fine

name: Vincent

County/state: Dauphin County, PA

sirens: 11

siren-types: 7 Allertor 125's, 2 Penetrator 20's, and 2 Cyclones

tested: 1st Friday of the month at Noon

signal: Alert Attack

Conditions-of-use: Three Mile SIland Nuclear Plant/Tornado Warnings

Reliability: awesome

Additional-comments: This old ACA System was instaled in 1957 when the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant was build. 6 years later they wereuse for tornado warnings
name: Vincent

County/state: Chester County, PA

sirens: 2

siren-types: 1 Fedelcode Model 7 (In Kennet Square PA) and a Sentry 10V2T (at Goshen Fire Co in West Chester, PA

tested: March 23rd Noon Tests

signal: 20 sec. alert

Conditions-of-use: Civil Defense & Weather

Reliability: Ok

Additional-comments: Replaced Fedelcode Model 7 with a SiraTone 1212 as of March 12th 2005
name: Vincent

County/state: San Joaquin County, CA

sirens: 14

siren-types: All are Federal STL-10's (Tracy, CA is the only city with sirens in the county!)

tested: ????

signal: ??????

Conditions-of-use: Wildfires

Reliability: good

Additional-comments: Very old system, and still reliable

Name (if you want credit)
County + State
Number of sirens in system
Names of diffrent siren types & how much of each type
When are they tested
Signal used for test
What are they used for (tornado warnings)
Overall reliability of system
Additional comments

If you have any county siren system info that you would like to add just E-mail me with the following information: Name of county & state, Names of diffrent types of sirens in system & how many of each type, Total number of sirens, The days the sirens are tested & what time they are tested, The signal used for test, Overall reliability of system and The conditions in which the system is activated. Any additional Info on siren system will be greatly appreciated. Also if you want credit for the information just tell me in the email with your first & last name. My E-mail is