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My siren recordings:

Siren signal definitions

Steady - all sirens are capable of producing this signal. This signal is mainly used for Tornado warnings.


Wail - all sirens are capable of producing this signal. This signal is mainly used for Attacks (nuclear terrorist etc) and Tornado warnings


High Low - this signal can only be produced by electronic & dual toned sirens. Dual toned sirens must have dampers or solenoids to stop the air flow to the choppers so the signal can be produced. This signal is used to call out volunteer firefighters, Curfew signal, severe thunderstorm warnings & flood warnings.

Westminster Chimes

Clock chime - This signal can only be produced by a electronic siren. This signal is mainly for testing purposes. This is my favorite signal.

My favorite sirens are:
1.  Federal signal 3T22 & Federal signal EOWS* 612
2.  American signal T-135
3.  ACA Allertor
4.  ACA Cyclone
5.  Sentry 20v2T
6.  Federal signal 5T/7T, 500T, SD-10
7.  ACA Hurricane
8.  American signal T-112, T-121, T-128
9.  Any Dual toned siren
10.  Most single toned sirens

The 3T22 & EOWS* 612 are my all time favorite sirens. The reason I like the 3T22 is because of the sound it produces & because it can produce the HIGH-LOW signal. The reason I like the EOWS* 612 is because its the ONLY dual toned electronic siren that I know of and it can produce the Westminster Chime signal.
The 3T22 produces 115 decibles @ 100'. It can come in single or three phase power. It is omnidirectional (does not rotate) and has a total of 22 horns 12 on top row 10 on bottom row. There is a sound file of one in High-Low at A very good photo of one is at This siren is not made anymore :( This siren also has one sister siren the 2T22. The only diffrence is that the 2T22 does not have the capability to produce a High-Low signal.
The EOWS* 612 produces 124/126 decibles @ 100'. It can come in single or three phase power. It has 2 100 watt drivers per horn and it has 6 horns. It is the only dual toned electronic siren that I know of. There is a pic that I took of a 3T22 & EOWS* 612 in my photo section. I will post a recording of one in Westminster chimes + Alert & Attack as soon as I can figure out how to get the sound off of a audio tape to upload to the computer so it can be uploaded here.This siren has a couple of sister sirens The EOWS* 1212, 812, and 408
The American signal T-135 produces a whopping 135 decibles @ 100 ft. This sirens horn is so big that a 5 ft tall person can stand inside it. It is Dual toned and weighs around 6000 pounds ( I think) Other than the EOWS*612 this is the best siren in production in my opinion. Bad news it only comes in three phase power. This siren sounds exactly like a ACA Cyclone. Note: ACA & American Signal are the same company they just had a name change.
If you have seen a 3T22 around the columbus ohio area please email me. So far I have not found any except in New Stanton PA and thats too far away.

Examples of EOWS* 612 tones from federal signal site

EOWS* 612 Steady tone:

EOWS* 612 Wail

EOWS* 612 Dual toned Westminster Chimes

EOWS* 612 single toned Westminster Chimes

If you need any more info go to This is the best site for siren information