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Megan: You are in my prayers. Get well soon!

Announcement:  No new annoucements

Important Announcement: Wanted; dual toned or single toned siren. best offer. single phase only. Models prefered, 3T22/2T22, Hurricane, Tbolt 1003, 5T, 2T, any hand crank siren, Allertor, Cyclone, Sterling M dual tone, EOWS* 612, Thunderbeam, 500T. MUST be in working condition but can have a few dents and/or rust. email me at

The form below is so you can help me with my siren maps. Please only submit siren locations from Ohio.

siren locations and siren type

What's New?

11/23/06 - Edited a few things

7/12/05 - Added video and pictures to school buses page

3/4/05 -  Added video and picture to school bus page.

2/8/05 - Updated siren database

12/30/2004 - deleted siren info page. if you need siren info visit

12/28/04 - Added a bunch of things.

Thanksgiving 2004 - added more to siren info page

10/26/04 - added siren info page

10/20/04 - Changed  a bunch of things + added Siren Database

10/19/04 - Updated circleville siren map

10/12/04 - Added some links and info.

10/11/04 - Added some more info

10/5/04 - Changed layout + added a few things

10/2/04 - Site Made

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