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Info about school buses

Other than being interested in sirens I am also interested in school buses. My favorite school bus is Blue Birds All American FE One problem I have noticed with the 03-04 versions of the AAFE is the door opens way to fast. It hurts for a while when you get hit in the elbow with the door. I got a video of the door from inside bus 04-111 and a picture of the shifter area. This buses door is accually slower than the one I was smacked with. I will have more videos and pictures soon.

AAFE Air Door

I got bored a month ago and decided to make a bus door. Here are the pictures and video of my completed project.

click here to play video

Whole play house

Door closed

Door open

Top part of door

Bottom part of door

Door piston

Door closed (inside)

Door open (inside)

Left part of door

Right part of door

Door stopper